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Amnesty Box from SuperSafes

In 2001, following discussion with Pointer (UK), the well known drug detection company, and guidance from Leicestershire Constabulary, Keith Westmoreland of Home & Commercial Protection arranged manufacture of his unique Amnesty Drug Deposit Safe for Clubs, Pubs, Licensed Premises, Hospitals, etc. To date considerable numbers have been sold and are widely accepted within the industry.

The purpose of this Amnesty Box is for on-site securing of illegal substances. The key objective is that drugs that are confiscated, discovered, or disposed of, once deposited in the safe and registered, may only be withdrawn by both Police and Management working together. Immediate Police call out is therefore no longer necessary. To facilitate the Police involvement in emptying our safes within a particular Authority, we have established a ‘keyed-alike’ locking system, whereby if preferred, one key will open all locks to which they have access. Needless to say, management safe locks all differ. However, if preferred, the safe may be offered with one single lock for Police Licensing use only. In addition, larger safes are available with/without top rotary deposit traps for knives & firearms. Please phone for details.

With the increase in drug related crime amongst young people it is essential to protect the licence and minimise any legal risk to staff. The Amnesty Box allows Management to deposit small amounts of drugs safely and conveniently. We already supply a large number of prominent organisations who now use our system to great effect: these include, at this time, Luminar, Nexum, Inventive, M&B, J D Wetherspoon etc.

In addition we now supply an increasing number of Police, Local Authorities and the NHS.

Amnesty Box from SuperSafes

Amnesty Box Specification

Size 305 x 280 x 255 mm (12” x 11” x 10”)
Colour Pewter
Letter Slot 100mm x 15mm with anti-fish plate
Locking Dual locking complete with back-plate. 2 x 7 lever safe locks. 2 keys per lock, to differ
Weight 15 kg
Body 3mm
Door 5mm
Internal Hinges 6mm pins hardened
Fixing Base and rear fascility
Fixing Kit 2 x M6 rawbolts